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Welcome to AG-Element!

This website mainly serves the purpose of showing my progress on various projects.
However, it's also devoted to subjects that interest me (Maths, Sciences, and Arts).

For those wondering, the site name (AG-Element) derives from my actual name (initials "AG"). A while ago, I realized "Ag" was the atomic symbol for Silver, thus... "AG-Element."

Current Project

As of 01/29/11, my current project is this website. Progress has been kind of slow due to school work and other obligations, however I hope to finish it by the end of February. Most of the Design is finished, but I have yet to add content. For those wondering, here is an outline of the proposed content:

  • Home - brief introduction to purpose of website
  • Projects - Probably the most important part of my website; describes my projects
    • Senior Tech Lab
    • Early Flashlights
    • AGXF flashlight
    • AGML flashlight
    • AGXL lasers
    • Blue Laser
    • High Voltage
    • Coilgun
  • Math - devoted to math problems and solving them
    • Main - describes what's included in "Math"
    • Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Combinitorics
    • Number Theory
    • Calculus
    • Other
  • CS - devoted to cs algorithms and various programs (and applications [games, etc]?)
    • Main - describes what's included in "CS"
    • Algorithms
    • Short Programs - algorithmic based
    • Applications - longer programs for a specific task
  • Science - devoted to other disciplines of science (physics, chem, bio, etc)
    • Main - describes what's included in "Science"
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Science Projects
    • Senior Tech Lab
  • Other - Arts/Music/Language/Other Acedemics
    • Main - describes what's included in "Other"
    • Visual Arts
    • Music Arts
    • Language?
    • Fun Stuff
  • Blog - various things i think about which i may choose to write down here
    • (Maybe link to an external blog, or maybe embed/make my own)
  • About - about me (including contact info - probably password protected)
    • {Name, Who I am, Purpose of site, reason for "AG-Element", Contact info: {email}}

As I already said, there's not much to do in terms of design. However, there are a few things I would like to fix eventually:

  • Content needs to be centered better (so that left doesn't get cut off when using small browser)
  • Scroll Bar:
    • Custom Design
    • Clean degrade to non-javascript scrollbar
    • Content scrollable via mouse wheel or arrow keys
    • Content selectable
    • Smooth scroll and ability to scroll to any position
    • Use hash (#) to indicate scroll position in web browser
  • Check for cross-browser compatibility. So far, I think this website works properly in the major ones (sans lte IE6).
  • Add better "control panel" for various page elements. Upon click button, a certain div should appear that allows various components of the design to be changed to use preference. Personally, I like the moving electrons, but obviously it distracts the reader.
  • Ads? I have a ton of space to the right of my main content, and I could add ads, but hmm...

Anyway, I hope you find my website useful in at least some way.


Albert Gural
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology