Albert Gural – Original Projects and Designs

Thank you for visiting my website. These pages contain some of my more interesting independent projects in mathematics, computer science, electronics, and art. All of these projects have been done exclusively by me, including designing, constructing, and testing/debugging, unless otherwise noted.
Here you will find design sketches, detailed schematics, and construction photographs of my microprocessor-controlled flashlights, which I constructed from tiny SMD components to minimize size, and for which I fabricated the aluminum body, lenses, printed circuit boards, and illuminated switches at home. You can also find my summer research report on benchmarking parallel processors. Other projects include an electromagnetic coilgun, holography, and studies in math and computer science theory.
Please feel free to click on any images or menu items at the top of this page for more detailed information.
Thank you again for your interest!

AG:XF01 Designs AG:XF01 PCB Layout AG:XF01 PCB AG:XF01 Board AG:MF01 Flashlight Head AG:MF01 Aluminum Case AG:MF01 Flashlight Infinite Power Towers Picture Hanging Problem SCT Lecture (Basic Graph Theory) Research Project Algorithm Implementations Holograms Coilgun Drawings Drawings Origami AG:MF02 Schematic & Design