This project was starting to get a bit too big, so I decided to revamp it. As of now, this project is deprecated in favor of the Photuris E19 project. Since it’s good to document past work, I’ll keep this semi-updated with the project history.


AG:MF02 Design (deprecated)

AG:MF02 Design (deprecated)

Schematic Diagram

AG:MF02 Schematic Diagram

AG:MF02 Schematic Diagram

Circuit Layout

AG:MF02 PCB Layout (deprecated)

AG:MF02 PCB Layout (deprecated)

AVR Component Testing

In order to complete my firmware, I have to make sure some smaller components work. This should ease a lot of pain of debugging later.

V-USB with bootloading

Working! I can now program the board straight from the computer with just a micro-USB cable.


I have successfully implemented a slide sensor using a simple resistive ladder.
Using only two MCU I/O pins, I’ve been able to detect a finger’s position on the slider sensor to about 32 positions.
Accuracy is not great, but by averaging results over multiple runs, the accuracy can be improved to the point where it pretty much gets the correct value plus or minus 2.


(Not tested)


I have successfully implemented both ADC (8-bit) and PWM (16-bit). The new Cree XM-L LEDs are bright even at $\frac{1}{2^{12}}$ brightness. At the minimum light level, $\frac{1}{2^{16}}$ of the max level, the light is easily visible at night.

Case Design