Senior Year

Well, today is the first day of my senior year at TJHSST. I’m both excited and nervous (excited because I enjoy school, but nervous because we had homework I might not have finished).

In regards to school, I think it’s very important to my learning – not because I learn much in classes, but rather because it keeps me stimulated with ideas. A lot of times, I already know what’s being taught in class, and wonder what the point of “wasting” time is. However, I think if I just had a ton of free time, I wouldn’t be any more productive (with regard to projects), and in fact, I’d probably be much less productive. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think we would get more done if we had more time. Maybe some people are that disciplined, but I’m certainly not. My projects stem out of pure interest, not out of necessity or self-discipline.

Well, besides school, I also have some extracurricular clubs I have to be responsible for, as well as college applications. That means I have even less time to work on my projects, which according to my above statement, means the likelihood of finishing them on time is higher!

I’m cautiously looking forward to the coming year.

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