Site Migration

I just moved the site from to  The main reason for this is that I’d like this site to be focused on my personal projects, hence the use of my name for the domain name.  The AG-Element site can be used for other stuff – maybe business?

In any case, I’m not quite done yet.  There are a few more things I’d like to complete before calling the migration finished.

  • Reduce memory usage: I’m now running this on my own server, but it only has 256MB.  Loading pages currently spikes usage close to the limit, causing really laggy page loads.
  • New theme: The current theme I’m running is a bit slow in terms of loading.  I’ll be moving to a faster responding theme, Responsive, in the coming weeks.
  • More content: I’ve been doing a lot on my project since my last update.  I haven’t really talked about it too much, but that’s because I’ve been a bit lazy.  Rest assured, I have plenty of pictures/documentation, so the only problem will be me having to just do it.

And that should be it for now.  Hopefully all of these changes will take affect before the end of February.

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